Caldecotte Xperience


Amazing fun inside an inflated ball on our purpose designed shallow zorbing pool. Have a great time floating around or running on the surface of the water.

Zorbing puts fun into fitness. Zorbing is exhilarating, great fitness and fun for children and adults or as we like to call them: "Zorbstars".

Our zorbs are huge floating balls that allow you to enjoy the amazing experience of walking, spinning, flipping and rolling on water without even getting wet. In just a few attempts you will be a Master Zorbstar.

To book any of our activities please contact the centre and let us book your programme with you.

0300 003 0998 or email: [email protected]

Working with young people with additional needs

We have some of the best additional needs facilities in the region and are the only local provider with adapted equipment and trained staff who can support young people with disabilities to fully participate in outdoor adventure learning and residential stays. We strive to ensure that the widest range of activities and programmes are available and accessible, even for young people with the most complex needs.