Caldecotte Xperience

Specialist bikes

We have a range of specialist bikes and scooters for hire in a variety of sizes for a range of needs, helping families to get out together on a bike ride or with the user being able to ride while the family take a walk alongside.

A1 Bike

Single participant
Lean on handlebars
Torso Velcro seatbelt x 3 fittings
Feet security straps
Basket for equipment
Rear push bar to help momentum

B3 5FT-6FT / B2 4FT-5FT / B1 3FT-4FT

Single participant
Torso Velcro seatbelt x 3 fittings
Feet security straps
Bag for equipment
Front bar to pull
Brakes and gears

C1 Tandem Bike

Two participant
Fixed front handlebar
Independent peddle system
Feet attachments
Height adjustable seat
Breaks and gears for able bodied operator
Waist harness x3 velcro straps

D1 Tandem Go Kart

Two participant
Adjustable seats
Motorbike style handlebars
Velcro seat belt
Hand brake

E1 Wheelchair Bike

Two participant
Will carry able bodied rider and wheelchair
3 connection point to frame
Seat belt
Hydaulic brakes
Gear system

F1 Adult Scooter

Single participant
Large frame
Brakes on handlebars