Caldecotte Xperience

RYA Sailing Courses - Juniors

Summer Course Dates: 

RYA 1 - 2
15th-18th April 2019 - £140

30th July - 2nd August 2019 - £140 


RYA 3 - 4
27th-30th August 2019 - £140 


Caldecotte Xperience Water Sports Centre, Lakeside Grove, off H10 Bletcham Way, MK7 8HP

Suitable comfortable clothing, plimsolls or trainers and a complete change of clothes and footwear (in case you get wet); please remember to bring a towel & shower gear. All applicants for must be confident in water. Buoyancy Aids are provided; wetsuits are available when necessary and appropriate.

RYA Stage 1:
A fun course for juniors (8+). Learn the basics of sailing a boat. Learn knots, manoeuvres and rigging. Experience different types of boat and move onto race technique

RYA Stage 2:
Teaches you a range of sailing skills and knowledge to help become a confident sailor. You will increase your basic sailing skills, learn ropework and develop the skills needed for collision avoidance. You will also gain the ability to tack, control your boat speed and understand the basic principles needed for good, safe sailing.

RYA Stage 3 and 4:
To take part in this course you must have completed stage 1 and 2 sailing successfully.  You must also be able to launch and sail a dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions. This course will teach rigging, launching and sailing your boat in any direction.
You will learn, practice and be assessed in sailing theory, rigging, launching and recovering your boat to a jetty or mooring, sailing techniques and manoeuvres, capsize recovery in crewed boats and recovering a man overboard.



Working with young people with additional needs

We have some of the best additional needs facilities in the region and are the only local provider with adapted equipment and trained staff who can support young people with disabilities to fully participate in outdoor adventure learning and residential stays. We strive to ensure that the widest range of activities and programmes are available and accessible, even for young people with the most complex needs.