NJIRC 2013


On Friday 15th March 2013  Milton Keynes JUNIOR rowers took part in the 5th National Junior Indoor rowing competition.

The event was at the Lee Valley athletic centre, the largest indoor and outdoor athletics centre serving South East England. It is where the likes of Greg Rutherford and Jonnie Peacock trained for the Olympics, and plays host to elite athletes and runs give it a go first timers alike. With Olympic rowers Katherine Grainger and Mark Hunter there to watch everyone was pushing themselves to the limit.

Around 2500 juniors took place at NJIRC this year and our rowers did amazingly well. There was laughter and tears. Everyone did their very best, there is no more we could of asked of them and we are all very proud! A big thank you to all the parents that came along to give their support and help out with lifts. A special mention to Cameron Forsythe taking Gold for the year 9 boys, and Finn Whitbread taking 3rd for the year 9 girls after taking place in the girls boat race. 


Name                    Place                Year    Distance

Cal McSweeny    37 out of 182         7        491m

Danil Clements    103 out of 1827         439m

Cameron Forsythe    1 out of 160        9          1194m

Finn Whitbread     3 out of 178        9         1056m

Alex Potts            29 out of 135       10        1377m

Katie Collins            98 out of 169       10        1150m

Faye Hudson   100 out of 16910       1142m

Lauren Beaney 104 out of 169        10       1132m

Scarlett Grey 110 out of 169      10         1124m

Philip Takas 92 out of 100      11         1414m

Elizabeth Ruffley16 out of 96      11         1475m

Hannah Powell37 out of 96      11         1407m

Lainey Williamson41 out of 96       11         1390m


Girls Boat Race 

This takes place over the same distance as the Oxford Cambridge Men's Boat race distance 6780m

Lainey, Hannah, Katie, Faye, Lauren, Finn, Scarlett and Elizabeth      13 out of 59          24.38.6    

Partners and Associations


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