Caldecotte Xperience


With some of the best facilities in the region, we offer school groups day or residential visits with a wide variety of activities to choose from, on land and water and some indoors.

Learning should be fun. We make sure it is. 

Working with school groups

Beyond the classroom, gym and the playing fields are loads of new experiences where young people can test themselves and discover what they can do rather than what they can’t.

Caldecotte Xperience works with primary and secondary schools to deliver exciting learning outside the classroom opportunities for both academic and sports curricular. 

We deliver the PE curriculum for many local schools and are their primary provider of outdoor activity.

We also support schools to deliver an extended curriculum, throughout the year, for a term, for half a term or as a one off visit as an after school activity. 

We offer one off sessions, courses leading to NGB qualifications or a series of taster sessions which often continue into new hobbies and physical activity.

Caldecotte Xperience also has a minibus available to groups that apply to us for transport help.

For more information on programme development, day visits or residential stays call 0300 003 0998 or email [email protected]

Working with teachers

Outdoor adventure activity enhances every area of learning. 

As a small, specialist centre we plan with you to build the specific activity programmes you want that will achieve your objectives and outcomes for each individual group, providing a unique, personal experience to every young person. 

All of our instructors are professionally qualified and highly experienced. Working with you they ensure everyone feels comfortable with their challenge and that each programme is carefully planned, managed and, above all, safe.

For more information on programme development, day visits or residential stays call 0300 003 0998 or email [email protected]

Working with young people with additional needs

We have some of the best additional needs facilities in the region and are the only local provider with adapted equipment and trained staff who can support young people with disabilities to fully participate in outdoor adventure learning and residential stays. We strive to ensure that the widest range of activities and programmes are available and accessible, even for young people with the most complex needs.


We have one of the widest ranges of land and water based activities in the region, all of which can be specifically tailored into a learning package that meets the required outcomes you want to achieve for your class or group.


Lean back, breathe, step over the edge and take the quickest and most exhilarating way down from the top of our climbing tower.


Shoot for gold on this exciting and different activity.


A fun way to teach problem solving skills ands well as teamwork.

Bushcraft and Camp Craft

Perfect outdoor classrooms for learning about the natural environment.


Underground tunnels and caverns of all shapes and sizes.


Exhilarating and challenging activity on our 12 metre tower.


High action, competitive sport, which promotes attention and concentration.

High Ropes and Jacob’s Ladder

Tough, challenging, exhilarating and fulfilling, and for the ultimate test – try the leap of faith……

Low Ropes

Get a class or team working together and getting to know each other.


An active and rewarding activity with application of navigational skills.

Problem Solving

Develop teamwork skills, communication and leadership.

Paddle Sports

Full of fun, challenging and wet paddle sports are a great activity that keep everyone involved.

Raft Building

Will you get wet or not?

River Studies

National Curriculum for Geography.


An RYA training centre offering taster sessions through advanced certificated courses.


Zorbing puts fun into fitness.