Developed through Raleigh, we have 2 dedicated bushcraft zones, perfect outdoor classrooms for learning about the natural environment.

Bushcraft and Camp Craft for young people of all abilities

Providing an opportunity for young people to connect to the natural world is vitally important for their own health, well being and learning. Developing an appreciation for nature and ecosystems at an early age, will encourage a better understanding and respect for the natural environment. By making time away from typical day-to-day distractions like phones and screens, young people can get an opportunity to breathe the air rich with life, to get a bit messy, and learn new bushcraft and camp craft skills.

How Caldecotte Xperience makes survival skills and outdoor living fun

We aim to teach new skills which create a deeper level of understanding of the world around us. Young people will learn the skills, and the attitude necessary to feel safe with their new survival skills for outdoor living.

Our highly skilled staff will teach the basics of outdoor living, fun survival skills, cooking, fire making, shelter building and many other outdoor activities. They’ll help young people also absorb the essential-skills for success in any environment, things like: curiosity; communication; problem-solving; awareness; teamwork and responsibility. And they’ll do all this while having the time of their lives, under the careful guidance of our trained staff.

Bushcraft and camp craft is available as single sessions with a particular focus, a whole day of skills based activities or even a programme which can include camping out, cooking your own food and building your own overnight shelters.

Developed through Raleigh.

developed through raleigh bushcraft

To book any of our activities please contact the centre and let us book your programme with you. Call us on 0300 003 0998 or email: [email protected]

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Outdoor Activities & Outdoor Education at Caldecotte Xperience

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Coronavirus Update

We are open and continue to run Educational Programmes.

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