Reading a map is a valuable skill. Orienteering allows for a competitive application of navigational skills, which are quick and simple to learn.

Orienteering for young people of all abilities

Orienteering is both a sport and a recreational activity enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. It combines outdoor adventure with map reading and navigational skills. At Caldecotte Xperience you will use a specially prepared map to navigate your way to a number of checkpoints. Working in small groups our instuctors teach the basics of map reading which are then applied and tested on a navigation exercise around a pre-set course of posts.

Orienteering is part treasure hunt and part race. You can walk, jog or run, depending on your level of fitness and how competitive you wish to be. But the skill in orienteering is in choosing the best route between posts where you will learn to decide between options — perhaps over a hill or a longer route which goes round it. It is this stimulating mental challenge as well as the physical activity that makes orienteering so popular.

An active and rewarding activity can help you with navigation and directions, is a key part of The Duke of Edinburgh’ Award expeditions and other outdoor activities. Although it’s a competitive sport, the vast majority of orienteers take part because its a fun problem solving challenge to share with friends and small groups.

Why do orienteering at Caldecotte Xperience

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