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Caldecotte Xperience offer a wide range of water sports activities that are perfect for young people. Learn a range of different water sports with us today.

Learn water sports activities

Caldecotte Xperience on the edge of Milton Keynes is a dream destination for young people to learn water sports. From Canoeing to raft building, we have the facilities, qualified instructors and experience to help young people of all abilities develop their skills, competence and confidence on water.

We are an outdoor learning centre frequented by young adventure water sports enthusiasts of all abilities from beginners too advanced. If you’re looking to grow confidence in a new activity, master the skills and techniques to progress your abilities and to have a lot of fun, then you’ve found the leading water sports provider in the region.

Trying out and mastering a water sport provides a huge sense of achievement for any young person, and learning the skills is always fun. If you’re competitive, you can even race against your friends. Caldecotte Xperience offers a wide range of water sports activities that are perfect for young people including Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddleboading, Sailing, Zorbing and Raft Building. Whether you’re with a group, with friends, or looking to make new friends we have courses available for young people to learn a range of different water sports with us today.

Learn to Kayak

One of the fasting growing water sports is kayaking. Water sports for young people, particularly kayaking is very rewarding. It’s fun, exciting, builds stamina and aerobic exercise, and can be very competitive. Our experienced instructors take great pride in making sure you have a wonderful and informative kayaking experience. Safetyis always the highest priority where we look to build confidence, and develop paddling techniques to ensure improvement and progression is achieved with every kayaking lessons. Lessons include teaching kayaking skills, from paddle strokes, edging, rescues and rolls. If you want to lear water sports, try kayaking and paddle your way to mastering this great activity.

Learn to Canoe

As a British Canoe Union approved centre we offer accredited courses for all ages from Paddle Power Start which is ideal for for younger participants, up to full instructed and certificated courses. At Caldecotte Xperience our instructors love introducing young people to new water sports, and canoeing is no exception. We are keen to let you demonstrate your new found skills and techniques, and then see you progress and take your canoeing to the next level.

Learn to Paddleboard

So you want to take up a fun new water sport? Try paddle boarding at Caldecotte Experience under the tuition of qualified instructors – anyone can paddleboard – you just need to give it a go! A paddleboarding lesson is about progressing quickly and maximising the fun factor, where our BCU qualified instructors will have you up and paddling in no time.

Learn to Sail

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned sailor, or a Class group we have something to offer you. As a Royal Yachting Association training centre, we can offer anything from taster sessions through to Beginners and advanced certificated courses. Our fleet of boats ensures that any ability can be catered for on our own 35-acre lake. Sailing for young people of all abilities.

Learn Zorbing

Zorbing puts fun into fitness. Zorbing is exhilarating, providing great fitness and fun for children and young people or as we like to call them: “Zorbstars”. Possibly the most fun you can have inside an inflatable ball – try sorbing at Caldecotte Xperience.

Learn Raft Building and race against your friends

Using barrels, planks, ropes and poles learn the best techniques and skills to build the perfect raft. Teams will design build and then race the raft on a set course on our water sports lake. Learn Paddleboarding, how to tie knots, have fun and stay afloat.

To book any of our water sports activities please contact the centre and let us book your programme with you. Call us on 0300 003 0998 or email: [email protected]

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