Caldecotte Xperience is an AALA licensed centre and one of the first outdoor learning centres to provide local schools with the facilities and skills they need to obtain the GCSE Individual Practical Performance units for PE, through water sports and climbing.

Offering facilities and skills for pupils to obtain GCSE Individual Practical Performance units for PE

Over the last 28 years the Caldecotte Xperience has been delivering a high level of Outdoor Education to a wide variety of schools, youth groups and other government agencies. We offer a targeted approach to the school’s own aims and objectives with real and measurable outcomes.

Covering all Paddle Sports and Rock Climbing, our courses also provide exit routes into progressive clubs for students who wish to continue to higher levels and qualifications.

Courses cover the 12 hours of content required for each sport, with tuition options available either on a weekly basis or over a 2 or 3 day residential. Tuition also includes the opportunity for your school to fully record your candidates taking part in each required level of the programme.

Full course materials are also provided to candidates for use in school and externally, in preparation for each of the practical elements.

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GCSE Individual Practical Performance units for PE, through water sports and climbing

Outdoor Learning Activities at Caldecotte Xperience

Schools, teachers and pupils can benefit from some of the best facilities in the region. We offer schools outdoor learning activities to enable young people to have great fun, learn new skills and be safe.

Coronavirus Update

We are open and continue to run Educational Programmes.

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